Becoming an Adalo Expert in the Rising No Code Era Blog Header
Becoming an Adalo Expert in the Rising No Code Era Blog Header

In mid-2020 together with a number of supporting partners including Microsoft, The Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur, Grant Thornton, Macpherson Kelly and a number of other organisations, we decided to run an online hackathon aimed at crowdsourcing innovative, quick to market, and pandemic-resilient business ideas to solve problems and stimulate economic growth.

Rather than targeting the usual suspects typically seen at these types of events, we decided to take a risk and try to get traction within the mainstream. …

LimeHub Blog Header Image: A comparison of buyer intent across promotional channels
LimeHub Blog Header Image: A comparison of buyer intent across promotional channels

You’ve got a good — or even great — product or service, but only a portion of your target audience knows your brand exists and the market is competitive. You’ve run some promotions and they’ve been ok, but they haven’t quite hit the mark you were hoping for. If this sounds familiar, what you might be lacking is a promotions strategy that addresses your customer journey and the buyer intent at each stage.

Your promotions strategy — as part of a more comprehensive marketing strategy — will largely depend on your objectives, target audience and budget.

If your budget is…

Facebook is visited by over 17.1 million Australians in an average four weeks reaching over 83% of Australians aged 14+ ( RoyMorgan, 2019). For businesses, including those in the B2B space, advertising on Facebook therefore is simply a no-brainer. To be successful using Facebook advertising however, businesses need to take a strategic approach starting with segmenting their audience and understanding what each wants and needs and incorporating an effective campaign funnel.

Common FAQ’s on Facebook Advertising

Does Facebook advertising work?

Unless the target audience is very small and very niche thenFacebook advertising does work. …

LimeHub Blog Image: Why we moved from Wordpress to Webflow
LimeHub Blog Image: Why we moved from Wordpress to Webflow

At the early stage of business, the product/market fit is typically theoretical. This means that the brand strategy — from branding through to messaging and price-point — will require adaption as the business matures and finds its unique identity. For many, a website is both the first and last point of contact for many prospective customers. It is, therefore, a critical sales channel and requires continuous improvement. The first website for many businesses, therefore, is typically its worst.

At the time of writing this, we are nearing our second birthday and as we’ve matured as a business, we felt recently…

If a salesperson has built the foundations of a trusting relationship with a prospect and secured a meeting to present to key stakeholders, they are well over halfway to a conversion. In some instances, marketing might consider their job done, as the lead has been generated and a meeting scheduled. So, it’s over to sales now, right? Wrong!

There is nothing more powerful than an effective sales and marketing team working towards a common goal. The job of a marketer is only complete once this goal is achieved.

Receiving the opportunity to present to key stakeholders indicates that…

LimeHub Blog: Comparison of Webflow and Wix
LimeHub Blog: Comparison of Webflow and Wix

Both Webflow and Wix are excellent options for websites — they are both feature-rich and cost-effective. Which solution is best for your business will depend on your functionality requirements so in this article we are going to compare each platform based on their design capabilities, user experience, cost, maintenance, integration, and SEO.

First let’s start off by looking at they types of businesses that would get the most out of these platforms and which wouldn’t. Wix is typically more suited to small businesses with fairly basic needs and which want a platform that they can easily edit themselves. Webflow…


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